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Claregalway Castle

Living History

Claregalway Castle

 Fáilte! Claregalway Castle is a fully restored 15th century Anglo-Norman tower house. Situated on the banks of the River Clare, in Claregalway village, on the N17 road, the castle is just under 10 km from Galway City. The castle is open to the public daily from June to September, 12 noon to 4 pm, Thursday - Sunday inclusive.


   Claregalway castle was the chief fortress of the powerful Clanricard de Burgo or Burke family from the early 1400s to the mid-1600s. The Clanricard Burkes were descended from William de Burgh, an English knight of Norman ancestry who led the colonial expansion into Connacht in the early 1200s.   His brother Hubert was Justiciar of England.  William became the progenitor of one of the most illustrious families in Ireland.



 Exploring Claregalway castle and its environs through a guided tour, visitors can find out about its fascinating, often bloody, six-hundred-year history. Visitors can also discover some of the castle's secrets, learn what everyday life in a medieval Irish castle was like, and hear about the colourful characters who once lived there, such as the 1st Earl of Clanricard, Ulick Burke, in Irish Uileag na gCeann ('Ulick of the heads/the beheader'), Ladies Eustacia Fitzgerald and Honora de Burgo, the notorious Cromwellian commander Sir Charles Coote, the great Hollywood actor Orson Welles and many more.


Stay at the old Mill beside the Castle -a peaceful medieval gem on the banks of the river Clare in the village of Claregalway. Just 6 miles from Galway city centre on the N17 (Galway-Tuam) road...

Your Castle awaits!



Christmas 2018 - Due to ongoing works in the Castle, there is no Christmas event this year.  We are planning a spectacular Christmas event for 2019.


International Medieval Combat at Claregalway Castle

(29th Sep to 1st Oct 2018)

Put a date in your Diary going back 500 years or so!



On Saturday and Sunday, September 29 and 30 2018, battle returns to Claregalway Castle as members of the Irish Full Contact Medieval Combat Team prepare to face opposition from some of the world’s top fighters.




The annual de Burgo Lecture. (4th Oct 2018 at 8pm)

Claregalway Castle hosts the annual de Burgo Lecture.

This year distinguished historian Dr Bernadette Cunningham will speak on 'The tower houses and

manor houses of the Clanricard Burke lordship, c1440 - 1640'.

Admission is FREE.   Don’t miss this wonderful, compelling and engaging event.




Painting Workshop

    Let the wonderful surroundings of Claregalway Castle inspire you. Let the artist in you shine!

    6th October 2018



The Galway Garden Festival 2019

Watch out for the many events planned for 2019, including our renowned Galway Garden Festival (July 6th & 7th 2019) - a showcase for the very best of rare and special plant traders from all over Ireland.  

The speakers forum at the Garden Festival features internationally renowned experts, along with a feast of outdoor music, an archery display by Living Longbows, a children's programme full of surprises, open air entertainment, craft and food....making this festival an explosion of colour, scent, sound, texture and tastes to remember!


Other Planned Events for 2018:

  • December - Wednesday 12th December 2018 (11am to 4pm):  'A Taste of Galway Past'. A free event in celebration of Galway's food heritage.  With vintage displays, food demonstrations, short films, music and more.  

  • More events to follow...

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