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Claregalway Castle

Living History

National Heritage Week 2015 at Claregalway Castle

Click here to see Claregalway Castle events for Hetitage Week.


   At Claregalway Castle we have lined some very special events for you that are highlighted below. If you want more details on any of these then please go to the EVENTS section of this website.


  • 22/Aug: Castle Tours.
  • 22/Aug: Medieval Armoured Combat Display
  • 22/Aug: Archery Display
  • 22/Aug: Bow and Arrow Workshop (for kids).


  • 23/Aug: Castle Tours


  • 24/Aug: Castle Tours


  • 25/Aug: Castle Tours


  • 26/Aug: Castle Tours
  • 26/Aug: Talk: Claregalway Castle and Cromwells siege.


  • 27/Aug: Castle Tours
  • 27/Aug: The Heritage of Irish Botanical Art


  • 28/Aug: Castle Tours
  • 28/Aug: Discovery during Castle Restoration



  • 30/Aug: Castle Tours.


Dont forget that you can see these and more on our EVENTS SECTION.


HAVE A GREAT WEEK. Bain sult as an tseachtain.

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Caisleán Bhaile Chláir / Claregalway Castle
Baile Chláir, Gaillimh, H91 E93T, Éire / Claregalway, Co.Galway, H91 E93T, Ireland.   Fón:: +353 (0)86 20 20 999



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